Prehistoric Leicestershire

The stone at Billesdon

Leicestershire is classified as a county in the East Midlands, but is actually more centrally located than that might imply, and can easily claim to be at the heart of England.

Burrough Hill hillfort

Burrough Hill hillfort

The county comprises of the central valley floor of the River Soar (formerly the Leire), flanked by the granite Charnwood hills to the northeast and a ridge of ironstone to the east. Beacon Hill and Breedon Hill are hillforts in the west of the county and Burrough Hill is near the eastern border with Rutland.

Leicestershire was home to the celtic people known as the Corieltauvi (or Coritani)

An excellent site detailing the Coritani can be found at where there is a map of their extent and comprehensive information about them. The site covers all the celtic tribes of Britain and the Roman era.